Tourettes Syndrome Symposium

T.I.C. held it’s first Symposium to educate and spread awareness. The event went better than we could have hope for.


We delivered a full days training to people working in education. Those who attended included university lecturers, college tutors, Educational Psychologists for both Hull and the East Riding, speech and language therapists, SEND officer, as well as teachers from 15 primary schools and 3 secondary.

“The great insight on how people living with Tourettes deal with their condition and sharing with us the challenges they have faced”

“interesting course, very engaging and interesting”

“To listen to people who have Tics, listen to real life issues and pre-adult life/school life”

” I found the day really informative and interesting, lots of ideas for support and to help identify possible needs”


During the afternoon we delivered a number of talks to medical professionals. Included in this was input from Dr Santosh Mordekar from the Tourettes clinic in Sheffield Childrens Hopsital, discussions around tiktok, tics in the media, diagnostic pathway, stigma and lived experiences.


During Saturday we delivered a full day of both educational talks and lived experiences for people living with Tourettes Syndrome.

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