Supporting our members during the Covid-19 pandemic

Additional funding received from The National Lottery Community Fund meant that we have been able to support our members through the current pandemic. This is how we have achieved this.

We were able to buy positivity journals so that the children could become aware of the positive things happening around them, we included self-help books on anxiety, OCD and understanding anger. We also included crafts and sensory toys. These packs were adapted for our teenagers and adults so that everyone could benefit from them. 50 packs were distributed around Hull, East Riding, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and one even went to Ireland.

Also within the packs were hand sanitizer, soap and facemasks. These items were donated to TIC by Rocky. Rocky works for the charity Project Soweto, The PPE was supposed to go to Soweto in Africa but due to the lockdown measures they were distributed to charities, housing associations and care homes. You can find out more about Project Soweto via their Instagram page @rocky-soweto

One of our trustee's Lucy also took the time to hand make some face masks that were child friendly

Hi Kim I just wanted to say * received his care package today. He hasn't stopped playing with the zip bracelet all day. And the journal has given him lots to think about he hasn't wrote in it yet but all the little ideas that are in it and the thought of keeping things written down has put him in a good mood. He came across a page about what hes grateful for and he began listing things off and then listed some of his problems and turned and said in reality mum my problems have made us all (family) what we are and I can live with them knowing all the things I'm grateful for. I'm now laid in bed thinking (crying a little) thinking how proud I am. Not sure I would of realised how proud I actually was without this thoughtful care package. Thankyou xx

Weighted Blankets

the weighted blanket arrived today, thankyou so much, he is absolutely amazed at how good they feel, he was so relaxed after a session with it.

I cannot thank you enough for how much you help my boy, you are absolute superstars Kim and BEVERLEY and all behind the scenes.. again thankyou..... Evangeline x


written by Alex  to Kim and Beverley, thanks for the blanket, it's comfy, its like my PE to pick it up. It feels like a hug and I don't want to be apart from it. I have had a special blankie since I was a baby and I always have to bring it everywhere, hes old and falling apart and my nanny sews him up when he rips. I sleep with blankie on my face. This new blanket inspired me to ask my mum to cut my favourite corner off blankie so I can keep for my face but hide the rest away. Now I just need to snuggle alone without my sister trying to pinch it"