2022 TIC Acknowledgment awards


Congratulations to Wawne Primary School, on receiving the Steeley award 2020
As a school you went above and beyond to support a child with Tourettes Syndrome. It hasn’t been an easy journey for all involved but you have faced each challenge head on. Keep up the good work.

Also well done to the staff at St Georges Primary School who were nominated by one of our members for a T.I.C. award, you all went above and beyond to make a child with Tourettes syndrome/tic disorders feel included and supported.

Nomination reads

"Since lacey has started St Georges she's grown in confidence, after an awful experience with a previous school she hated learning and no longer wanted to go to school. So we moved her to St Georges, they have made her last year of primary school the best possible year she could have. They make sure she is included in everything even when she has to use crutches or her wheelchair they make sure she's still having fun. I can't just name a single a teacher as lacey has expressed just how much she loves all of them. She now gets involved in lots of activities and is part of the school council. I would love them to know how they have made lacey shine again and just want to thank them so much for helping her enjoy her education again"

Most Inclusive Employer

This award seeks to celebrate an employer that has gone above and beyond to promote inclusion in the workplace for an individual with Tourettes Syndrome.

PFG - People Focussed Group

I’ve worked for PFG for over a year, they took me on knowing I have complex Tourette’s and never see it as a barrier. When I have punching tics staff or even directors do the hot water for me so I don’t hurt myself, they won’t let me do heavy lifting because of my legs and they never put me under any pressure. They support me so much that they have put me on a flexible working salary so if I’m extra ticcy I can have time out without fear of loosing pay etc. they let me go to the gym in the middle of a working day to help me get rid of tic tension. Today is one example of many when I had a HUGE tic attack…. They moved all the chairs out of the way when I was on the floor, they gave me space and stayed with me while o was having the attack, helped me up in my own time, and made sure I was ok after. I honestly don’t think there is any place like it.

Even though I’m in a wheelchair a lot now, this has created zero barriers to work, I have had nothing but incredible support from all the staff and directors, I feel like I can achieve anything working for PFG.

There is no way I can ever thank PFG enough for all they do for me around my tics. Having Tourette’s is hard at the best of times, working for PFG makes nothing feel like there is a barrier.

I would LOVE my work to be recognised for all the support, acceptance and pure excellence in all they have done for me and continue to do.

Achiever Award

Well done to the TIC members who were nominated for an Achiever Award. This award recognises individuals whose persistence has allowed them to achieve what they thought was impossible, who have busted stereotype and proved that the only limitation is the level of our aspiration and as a result have become a role model to others.!

Bea is a massive role model to so many people especially myself and she works so hard to break down barriers to try and make life easier for others. I feel she deserves recognition for all the support she always gives to others whether it's LGBT + , Tourettes or mental health. She has achieved so much this year despite all the barriers she faces of her own. One of the main things was her doing a Ted X talk which she had to overcome so many obstacles for . She is such an inspiration and has achieved so many amazing things .

She is a role model to so many people and has overcome so much over the last few years. She was told she’d not be able to work by health professionals and now volunteers for T.I.C she also has her own business which is successful and is working towards her dream job of becoming a play therapist. No matter what, nothing stops/deters Yasmin!

Declan has really gone through a lot, the first to be diagnosed, then additional ptsd and anxiety, yet he still stays strong in the public eye, he is painfully shy and hates crowds but still tries, his tics are awful, his eye tic had him sedated for 3 months to try and control it this year and yet he still stays positive with advice for his sis and dad who are now diagnosed too. I am the only one he shares his pain with, and its devastating. He so deserves recognition for his silence and resilience.

Mitchell Award

The Mitchell Award is given to the individual who went the extra mile to raise money for T.I.C. during 2021.

Charlie Bishop

Most Inclusive Public Venue

The most Inclusive Public Venue award nominated by our T.I.C. members for providing a welcoming safe place for people with Tourettes to feel included, and for raising funds and awareness, goes to

Mecca Bingo