Statements recieved from The National Diversity Awards Nominations

TIC is an amazing organisation that puts people with lived experience of tics at the heart of everything they do. It’s driven by community, hard work and kindness and is making a big difference in the lives of many people with Tourettes. This is an incredible example of people noticing a need within their community and stepping up to make positive change.   (anon)


Passionate and fierce. Grass routes organisation, one of a kind. (anon)


If I hadn\'t found this group I would have felt so lost when my son was diagnosed with Tourette\'s Syndrome. Kim and Beverley came to my house to talk me through the diagnosis and went into my sons School to deliver awareness training to his teachers. We have attended the support group and always had a warm welcome. They have given me the confidence to best support my son and I always know where to turn if I have any questions. They have really made a difference to our lives and I can\'t thank them enough. (anon)


My son has Tourette’s and it is so misunderstood - TIC is a wonderful group who strive to change peoples attitudes and misunderstandings about this condition. It’s a lifeline for many families xx (anon)


Fantastic charity run by people who work so hard to support people with Tourette Syndrome. The service they provide really does change peoples lives, especially the children who have Tourettes for them this service can be life saving. (anon)


Kim and bev have been a huge support to myself and my children they are both the most amazing ladys ever. Tic has been a great supoer group not only do they support all us mums and family they push so hard to raise as much awareness as possible about tourette\'s. Tourette\'s is a very complex condition they do all this while also supporting there own children and families with this condition.i was at a total loss and they both have offered nothing but love and support they are selfless and amazing. (anon)


The resources and support this charity provides is invaluable to both the person with tourettes and the co morbids that run alongside it but also to the extended family. Without this charity lots of families would be alone (anon)

The work that Tic do is amazing..they are an absolute lifeline..and.i know I speak for a lot of other people too. They are always there when we need them,whether it be a shoulder to cry on,a rant,or to share a special moment and celebrate. The people at Tic go into the community and raise vital awareness and also go into schools and businesses and give training to raise understanding of Tourettes syndrome Their work is vital and amazing and they deserve huge recognition for what they do x (anon)