Who Do We Support?

Individuals and families

We offer one to one meetings at the hub or when needed home visits, to talk about any concerns and discuss how to move forward with diagnosis and to highlight what support we are able to offer depending on your needs.

You can join us for our monthly support group meeting’s where we organise informative talks, activities for the children and a safe place with no judgement. This can often be the only time some of our members get the opportunity to mix with other people who have Tourettes Syndrome or Tic Disorders. These meetings take place on the last Sunday of every month and are suitable for all ages.

We run a youth group for children of all ages living with tics, along with a sibling support group for children who have a sibling with SEND. These groups are aimed to improve social interactions, nurture friendships, better understand themselves and to provide the children with the tools to self-manage and understand symptoms.

We also have a social group for our adults with Tics along with a group for parents and carers to get together (MADS).

We work closely with other organisations and individuals to enable us to offer opportunities for those within our group to access activities that are designed to meet our charity objectives. These activities will be designed to address issues such as isolation, confidence, behaviour management and stress and anxiety.

when possible TIC provides items to support individuals to self-manage symptoms, we also aim to deliver workshops that will give the tools needed to self-manage symptoms moving forwards.


We offer support within schools; this may be by delivering our free awareness talks or corresponding with teachers, children, and parents, to overcome obstacles and implement strategies

To better understand the child, this document is ideal for sharing information click school-passport  

Each year we acknowledge those who make a difference. Please check out our awards page to see which school and teachers have been nominated



We are keen to spread awareness throughout the area and hope to do this by continuing to deliver our talks to all who will listen.


This trailer says everything you need to know